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Aboard the Enterprise, Spock notices when the Doctor avoids facing the viewscreen on the Bridge, when he sits furthest from the observation window in the Captain's cabin, and recalls that he has never seen Dr. McCoy on the Observation Deck. Spock watches, and the urge to speak with the Doctor gnaws at his thoughts Spock, Doctor McCoy and Captain Kirk pilot a shuttle down to an unexplored planet to investigate strange signals which block communications and all scanners (original, I know). What begins as a peaceful exploratory mission transforms into a life or death battle against one of the most formidable enemies the Enterprise has ever faced SPOCK/MCCOY FANFICTION by K.V. Wylie Disclaimer: The characters belong to Viacom, Paramount, and the lawyers. This is non-profit fanfic, and no harm is meant. DURING THE FIVE YEAR MISSION Ode to a Sheepdog: G, humor, 3KB A response to a challenge to write a story about cloning. I saw a cartoon in which Wile E. Coyote became insane after taking on Sam Sheepdog. Thinking of Lions: G, 22KB Spock.

Spock/McCoy+Kirk slash. NC-17 Written 2010. Categories: AOS Characters: James Kirk Genres: PWP Pairings: Spock/McCoy Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 3109 Read Count: 1319 [Report This] Published: 07.04.2012 Updated: 07.04.2012. Ethereal by vickyblueeyez Rated: E [Reviews - 3] Summary: A routine mission to a planet full of winged humanoids. McCoy/Spock slash fic Uh, so I read this fic on the kink meme a while back and it was McCoy/Spock and in it Spock had a really small, uh, penis. I think what happens is McCoy tells him he's beautiful and Spock freaks out because previous sexual partners have been so mean to him

FanFiction | unleash McCoy/Spock slash, one-shot, Search for Spock background. StarTrek: The Original Series - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 956 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 5 - Published: 1/19/2010 - L. McCoy, Spock - Complete . Once She Had Noticed by Traycon 3 and Fishey Me reviews. A series of three slightly longer than drabbles told from the three main women in TOS. Leonard McCoy. Leonard McCoy. Spock. Spock. Christopher Pike. Christopher Pike. Montgomery Scott. Montgomery Scott. Spock Prime. Spock Prime. Hikaru Sulu. Hikaru Sulu. Nero. Nero. Uhura. Uhura Suchen Nutzungsbedingungen Datenschutz Impressum zur mobilen Version build 1d73e/m. Es ist ein unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten. Das Problem wurde den Administratoren automatisch gemeldet. Sollte es. Einem Signal folgend beamen Kirk, Spock und Dr. McCoy auf einem fremden Planeten, welcher auf keiner Karte verzeichnet ist. Kaum dort angekommen, geraten sie in die Fänge von Ashira, welche Kirk vor eine unmögliche Entscheidung stellt: Wer seiner Freunde darf leben und wer muss sterben - Spock oder Pille? Als der Captain die Entscheidung verweigert, hat das schwerwiegende Konsequenzen.. Deutsch (de) Italiano (it) --Kirk and Spock start building a relationship and for whatever reason don't tell Bones, who finds out on his own and is hurt (to whatever degree) that they didn't tell/trust him --Similar to the above: Bones finding out about Kirk/Spock, but contrary to popular belief, NOT having a problem with it (and possibly wondering why everyone thought he would)--Bones.

Kategorien zu Star Trek - Serien und Podcasts - Fanfiction. Mobile Version Login Registrieren. Neues Forum Hilfe / Support Tutorials Folge uns Fanshop Sponsor werden. Registriere dich kostenlos und erhalte Zugriff auf Favoriten, Mail, Lesezeichen, Farbvorlagen, Download von Geschichten uvm.! Du benutzt den Internet Explorer, der von dieser Website nicht mehr vollständig unterstützt wird. FanFiction | unleash 303 - Favs: 307 - Follows: 340 - Updated: 2/11/2014 - Published: 5/27/2013 - J. Kirk, Spock, L. McCoy/Bones. I Won't Lie To You by The Derpite reviews. Set in-between the 2009 Star Trek and Into Darkness. UA (universe alterations) featuring OC Peleia in T'Pring's position. The Vulcan cadet Peleia gets caught up in Khan's universe domination plans and then she does some.

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James T. Kirk & Leonard Bones McCoy & Spock (2) Pavel Chekov/Hikaru Sulu (1) James T. Kirk & Spock (1) Harold Finch/John Reese (1) Exclude Additional Tags Leonard Bones McCoy Whump (20) Hurt/Comfort (12) Angst (7) Torture (6) Emotional Hurt/Comfort (6) Whump (5) Violence (3) Psychological Torture (3) Alternate Universe (2) Western (2) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include. Spick Spock, Sick Spock by Cumberbatch Critter reviews Hyposprays aside, the thought of having to visit a doctor- Doctor McCoy- made Spock's stomach turn. Unfortunately, if he didn't make the conscious decision himself, Captain Kirk would probably order him there, anyway Leonard Bones McCoy/Spock (73) James T. Kirk & Leonard Bones McCoy (53) Amanda Grayson/Sarek (48) Montgomery Scotty Scott/Nyota Uhura (38) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (235) Romance (155) Hurt/Comfort (140) Alternate Universe (108) Fluff (96) Humor (89) Tarsus IV (88) Pon Farr (84) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (79) Friendship (78) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Kaufe und Verkaufe in deiner Nähe! Acer Aspire U27 885 (inc 27 touch screen) 100,00 $ All in one Acer Aspire U27 885 (inc 27 touch screen) As new condition but needs a HD and SSD for about $100 FanFiktion.de ist ein Projekt, das durch die Autoren und Leser lebt und von ihnen getragen wird. Du kannst zum Beispiel eine Sponsoren­mitgliedschaft abschließen und FanFiktion.de direkt finanziell unter die Arme greifen. Du erhältst dafür keine Werbung mehr sowie ein paar kleine Erweiterungen für deinen Account

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  1. spock startrek kirk bones chekov uhura mccoy trek sulu scotty star entreprise jimkirk spirk leonardmccoy tos vulcan starfleet captainkirk pavelchekov 896 Stories Sort by: Ho
  2. Deutsch (de) Italiano (it) But academy-Spock is preferable, and the focus being on his vulcanness. But like I said, I'm open to different types. I won't sugar-coat it; my main priority is Spock abuse, with the result of eliciting unwanted emotional reactions from him. There don't seem to be too many fics in which Spock really loses control; he always seems to be rather stoic towards abuse.
  3. Movies: Star Trek: 2009 fanfiction archive with over 14,280 stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans
  4. FanFiction | unleash 1336 - Favs: 1,242 - Follows: 600 - Updated: 9/30/2013 - Published: 8/19/2013 - J. Kirk, L. McCoy/Bones, Spock - Complete. One of Each of Us by KCS reviews. H/C fic written for a LiveJournal community. Five times Bones comforted Jim, and one time Jim returned the favor. Full summary and details regarding title inside. Set immediately post-XI movie era through a.


Deutsch (de) Italiano (it) fanfiction; Leave a comment; Share; Flag; hollow_echos; August 16th, 2011, 12:21 pm; Star Trek Fic: Out of Many, One . Title: Out of Many, One Genre: Romance/Friendship fic Word Count: ~39,000 Rating: PG-13 Pairings: McCoy/Uhura, Jim/Spock Warnings: None Summary: The holidays are a time for family and friends, for celebrations and showing them just how much they. McCoy helps Spock who is injured from the crash landing. All credit goes to Paramount Pictures Spock attempts to help his friend and the two become closer. Spock even confronts Kirk about the way he treats McCoy. Eventually McCoy just gets fed up and leaves Kirk for Spock. When Kirk sees. McCoy makes a deal with an advanced race of aliens visiting on the Enterprise, one that doesn't quite work out the way he expected. Nor the quite way aliens meant it to either. Categories: AOS Characters: Amanda Grayson, Christine Chapel, James Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Sarek, Spock Genres: Romance Pairings: Spock/McCoy Warnings: Mpreg.

Kirk, Spock and McCoy visit Vulcan. Spock meets up with an old friend and Kirk doesn't like him at all. Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek Crossover Fandom: None Genres: Kirk-Spock Friendship, Kirk/Spock Slash Other Languages: None Specific movie: None Story Type: First Time Trope (OPTIONAL): None Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of. Master List of Star Trek Fanfic Canon stories Vaccine Time (NC-17, Kirk/McCoy, Christine Chapel) - Jim Kirk tries to distract his CMO from giving him a physical and discovers a new way to evade those hyposprays. Hollow (1,142 words, G) - A crew member from the Starship Enterprise returns to earth and deals with the fall out from the battle with Nero.. Fanfiction Romance Spock Star Trek Love Illogical Spock grew up believing that he was the only half Vulcan and half Human being alive. Little did he expect when the Enterprise captures a rogue space pirate captain who is a woman, and also half Vulcan and half Human just like him, but their personalities differ on a much different level that no one.

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Doktor Leonard H. McCoy (genannt Pille) dient 27 Jahre unter Captain James T. Kirk als Erster Medizinischer Offizier auf der USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) und der USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A). Er selbst bezeichnet sich sehr bescheiden gerne als einfacher Landarzt, obwohl er seine Laufbahn bei der Sternenflotte als brillanter, junger Mediziner mit magischen Händen beginnt und später bis ins. Leonard H. Bones McCoy is a character in the American science fiction franchise Star Trek. McCoy was most famously portrayed by actor DeForest Kelley in the original Star Trek series from 1966 to 1969, and he also appears in the animated Star Trek series, six Star Trek movies, the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and in numerous books, comics, and video games We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after post ; We will log you in after pos

Spock, Scotty and Dr. McCoy end up stranded after a shuttle craft is damaged in a storm. Spock must find a way to keep Dr. McCoy alive after suffering devastating injuries until a rescue from the Enterprise becomes possible. During the isolation the two gain a few found respect for another and the true value of their friendship Star Trek fan fiction fanfiction fanzine fanzines TOS original series fanfic Enterprise Excelsior Enterprise-B NCC-1701 NX-2000 NCC-2000 NCC-1701-A NCC-1701-B Kirk Spock McCoy Scott Scotty Chapel Sulu Chekov Uhura Rand Klingon Romulan Orion Tholian Kzinti Organian Vulcan Caitian Edoan Andorian Tellarite K/S Classic Trek Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: The Animated Series Star Trek mccoy/spock mpreg hi i'm new to this site and i was hoping for some help. i would like to find a fic where spock is pregnant with mccoy's baby and mccoy goes into overprotective mode. in this fic mccoy ends up putting spock in sickbay against his will. if i could get some help with this i would totally appreciate it

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It's a fic where Kirk (he is in love with Spock) interrupts Spock and Uhura marriage in new Vulcan (I think) and Spock is forced to marry/bond with Jim. They have a very violent Non-con Honeymoon and then Spock uses his mental bond to fuck up James mind and make him like being hurt. Spock was ver Fanfiction Romance Spock Humans Star Trek Kirk I overhear Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy say we're diverting to Vulcan to save Mister Spock's life. I go to his quarters to tell him, and I find something... positively fascinating. Show more featured. Add to library 2,053 Discussion 1,150. Misc. Fandom One-Shots *requests closed* May 18, 2016 Supernova750 . Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance.

Auf ff.de findet man ja wirklich eine große Anzahl Slash-Fics, dass Slash-FFs im Bezug auf Kirk/Spock/McCoy im TOS-Bereich derart überhand genommen hat - manchmal habe ich das Gefühl es gäbe da mehr Slash-FFs, als nicht-Slash-FFs. Und das finde ich irgendwie... schade. Das Volk ist doof, aber gerissen. - Kurt Tucholsky Der Mensch hat zwei Beine und zwei Überzeugungen. Eine wenn es. Also contains Kirk/McCoy and implied future Kirk/Spock/McCoy. Reboot Need by azelma- EXPLICIT Kirk doesn't know what's wrong with him, but Spock does. I have a huge weakness for a dominant Spock - not necessarily in a D/s sense, just a no-messing-around, taking what he wants sort of way. Reboot Any Given Moment by baby_razzle- EXPLICIT (Also non-explicit Spock/Uhura) Warning for cheating, but. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Star Trek: The Original Series fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main. The Spock - Bones banter never gets old! List of episodes: 00:00 Charlie X 00:21 The Naked Time 00:39 The Enemy Within 01:00 Mudd's Women 01:34 Miri 02:46 Da.. Spock/Kirk und Spock/McCoy sind für mich da sogar noch realistisch im Vergleich zu Spock/OC. Natürlich gibt es auch da wirklich gute Geschichten, keine Frage, aber irgendwie passt es meiner Meinung nach nicht zu Spock sich plötzlich in eine Person zu verlieben bzw. das zu zulassen oder sogar zu zeigen. Kirk und McCoy dagegen kennen ihn sehr gut und sind ständig in seiner Nähe

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  1. Spock/McCoy+Kirk slash. NC-17 Written 2010. Categories: AOS Characters: James Kirk Genres: PWP Pairings: Spock/McCoy Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 2 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 3109 Read Count: 1317 [Report This] Published: 07.04.2012 Updated: 07.04.2012. Coyote Wedding Gifts by Amphioxious Obnoxious Rated: T [Reviews - 1] Summary: Various members of the crew, and some.
  2. The Spock's relationship with his crewmates/comrades is often tense, because this character type is willing and able to ruthlessly consider ethically troubling situations without batting an eye — especially situations where people might be ordered to die.While his counterpart The McCoy is interested in doing the right thing regardless of cost, The Spock is more interested in the end result
  3. Appearances Background. Spock's backstory has been explained during the course of several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, the 2009 film Star Trek and the episode Yesteryear of Star Trek: The Animated Series.Spock was born to the Vulcan Sarek and the human Amanda Grayson.Due to this mixed-species heritage, Spock had to be removed from Amanda's body and raised in a test tube for.
  4. Spock, McCoy und Kirk beamen sich zu den letzten bekannten Koordinaten des Wissenschaftlerteams. Dort entdecken sie heiße Quellen und Meereslebewesen. Ein Seeungeheuer greift sie an, kann jedoch mit den Phasern abgewehrt werden. Wenig später greift sie ein Landlebewesen an, kann betäubt werden, begräbt aber McCoy unter sich. Kirk und Spock können ihn allerdings ausgraben. Auf dem weiteren.
  5. I saw that scene in the theater, and yes, I can attest that it was there from the beginning. I remember thinking at the time that it was clearly a hook for a future movie, but was left generic enough that it could go in any direction. They could r..
  6. Fanfiction is an integral part of Star Trek history. Most people will tell you that Kirk and Spock were the first ever 'slash pairing' - for the uninitiated, that's a fan-imagined romance between.
  7. Warning: This article contains language and/or sexual references that younger readers are advised to avoid. Fanfiction is an integral part of Star Trek history. Most people will tell you that Kirk and Spock were the first ever slash pairing - for the uninitiated, thats a fan-imagine

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A missing scene from the Empath, after the Vyanns disappear with Gem, but before we next see Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the bridge. Anna Perotti. The Mysterious Disease. 08/18/00 Tags: kirk, mccoy, spock. Once more Spock is ill (poor guy, someone should do something for him!). Doctor McCoy has to find out what it is. Captain Kirk has to worry. Chasing the Intruder. 08/13/00 Tags: spock. A. TrekNation ist das größte deutsche Star Trek Fanfiction Archiv. Hier findet jeder Leser etwas für seine Bedürfnisse Aber zu größerer Popularität gelangte Fanfiction erst ab 1967, als die ersten Star-Trek-Fanzines erschienen, die auch Fanfiction enthielten. In der Fangemeinde dieser Fernsehserie tauchte 1975 sogenannte Slash-Fan-Fiction auf, d. h. Fanfiction, die sich mit einer sexuellen Beziehung zweier Figuren gleichen Geschlechts beschäftigte (in diesem Fall Kirk und Spock). [2

Zachary Quinto Discusses Kirk/Spock Fanfiction . At a special public interview at the 2013 Galway Film Fleadh on Friday, July 12, Zachary Quinto discussed his illustrious career and his roles in Star Trek, Heroes and American Horror Story. BuzzHub had a front-row seat, and witnessed first hand what Quinto had to say about his current and future projects, including some revealing and intriguing. Sarek macht Kirk klar, dass Spock gerettet werden kann, wenn McCoy und Spocks Körper nach Vulkan gebracht werden, um dort Körper und Katra Spocks wieder miteinander zu vereinen und somit die Leiden beider Seelen zu beenden. Kirk erwidert, dass dieses Vorhaben schwierig umzusetzen sei, Sarek erwidert jedoch, dass er alles in seiner Macht Stehende versuchen wird, um Spock zu retten. Sarek. Characters: girl!Spock, McCoy, Scott Crossover Fandom: None Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash Other Languages: None Specific movie: None Story Type: Erotica, Established Relationship, Genderswap, Humor, Romance Trope (OPTIONAL): Bottom Spock Universe: Abrams Universe Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 6243 Read Count: 13096 [Report This] Published: 08. Star Trek Fanfiction Fanfiction for readers who love Star Trek! The Captain Tale's Genres: Adventure, Scifi; This book take place in the year 2499 upward to 2515. Author: Sophie dunn Published: 2020-02-05 Length: 0 Pages Reviews: 0 Reviews. Lady Of Vulcan Genres: Drama, Scifi; Takes place after 'City on the Edge of Forever'; a dying Captain Kirk is brought to the planet Vulcan where he is.

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  1. Feb 5, 2017 - Welcome to Fuck Yeah Spones, the original blog dedicated to everyone's favorite bitchtastic couple on the Enterprise. Also known as McKock, Spock/McCoy, McCoy/Spock. Feel free to submit your own fanfic recommendations, fanart, or graphics! Please remember to follow our submission guidelines. An Important Note About Sources Many screenshots on this blog are taken from TrekCore.
  2. Spock x Reader || You are a new ensign on-board the U.S.S Enterprise. You do your duty, you follow orders, you are the model officer. You keep to yourself. One person on the ship intrigues you, though. Commander Spock. He's a Vulcan, or half-Vulcan anyway. The Vulcans feel no emotion, are le..
  3. Star Trek Into Darkness ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film von J. J. Abrams aus dem Jahr 2013. Es ist der zwölfte Kinofilm, der auf der Science-Fiction-Serie Raumschiff Enterprise von Gene Roddenberry basiert und ist der zweite Teil der neuen Kelvin-Timeline.Der Film spielt innerhalb einer alternativen Zeitlinie des Star-Trek-Universums und hatte am 23
  4. Member Since: 03/06/2010 Membership status: Member Bio: I've been reading fanfic for a long time, but I didn't write much of it before I found this fandom. You can't be in any fandom for very long without learning that Kirk and Spock started slash, but it wasn't until I saw the new film that my knowledge extended much beyond Spock's the one with the pointy ears
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Spock/McCoy is the second most popular slash pairing in TOS fandom. Spock and McCoy have a great deal of intense interaction, and in TOS the two are often framed together in scenes. The arguments are epic, very much like an old married couple. One fan explains the basis for the pairing: What is Spock/McCoy you ask? Well, the short end of it is that Spock/McCoy is the idea that Mister Spock and. Remember when McCoy said that Spock's dose of serum had to be more potent? Basically, this is me being mad at Kirk for throwing Spock out of his quarters. Jerk. Star Trek: 2009. A Thousand Words Too Many by SadieYuki Summary: Hikaru and Pavel prove that it's a terrible idea to handle classified documents when under the influence. What. List of episodes: 00:00 The Apple 01:01 The Doomsday Machine 02:24 I, Mudd 03:41 Journey to Babel 05:49 Friday's Child 07:07 The Deadly Years 07:59 Obsession..

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Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s) Crossover Fandom: None Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash Other Languages: None Specific movie: None Story Type: Character Study, First Time, Hurt/Comfort Trope (OPTIONAL): Hurt Kirk, Hurt Spock Universe: ST:TOS Original Universe Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: Yes Word count: 5708 Read Count: 3335 [Report This] Published: 12. Die deutsche, vom ZDF erstellte Version, ist an manchen Stellen etwas verwirrend, da eine Szene aus unerfindlichen Gründen vorgezogen wurde, nämlich die, als McCoy von seinem Laboranten angegriffen wird. Da diese Einstellung im Original dazu diente, die Zeit bis zur ersten Raumverdichtung zu überbrücken, teilt Spock in der deutschen Version dem Tholianer mit, dass es noch 113 Minuten bis. Titel: One Day in your Life Rating: PG Disclaimer: Alles Paramount seines! Author's notes: Für Jule - fröhliches Vierteljähriges! *giggle* Short-Cut: . Im Endeffekt musste dieser Brief Spock nicht beeindrucken. Er musste nur genug Selbstmitleid und Ironie für Pilles Geschmack enthalten. Es gin What Now - A McCoy/Spock Fanfiction Fanfiction. McCoy doesn't think that Spock could ever be interested in a mess like him. Boy, how wrong he is... Lyrics from the song What Now by Rihanna. For my friend Jess on Tumblr. #leonardmccoy #spock #spones What Now - A McCoy/Spock Reboot Fanfiction 1K 32 26. by DeathLife97. by DeathLife97 Follow. Share. Share via Email Report Story Send. Send to. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

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Deutsch (de) Italiano (it) Character: Spock and McCoy Genre: Gen Author: iam_spock aka sylar Fandom: Star Trek Word count: 1078 Rating: G Notes: No notes. No warnings. Just a little snarkfest between Spock and McCoy on an away mission. So yeah, I got a little stage fright about McCoy for some reason, but I think I'm over it now. I wish I'd started this as a Spones fic, because it would be. Fanfiction Romance Star Fantasy Spock Space Trek Bones Star Trek Kirk Mccoy Enterprise Vulcan Chekov Keenser Jim A Spock Star Trek love story. ♥ I just lost everything This is an automated blog of Spock/McCoy content from around the web. You will see Spock/McCoy content from LiveJournal , Dreamwidth , Ao3 , Fanfiction.net (x, x), DeviantArt , Spock/McCoy FanFiction Archive and Fanpop . Links:-How to add other feeds to your feed tumblr (like fanfiction.net)-fuckyeahao3feed

Spock and McCoy must come to terms with their grief, and with the changes Kirk's loss has brought to their relationship to one another. Categories: TOS Characters: Leonard McCoy, Spock Genres: Romance Pairings: Spock/McCoy Warnings: None Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: No Word count: 9175 Read Count: 230 [Report This] Published: 06.26.2012 Updated: 06.26.2012. Prelude to. A missing scene from the Empath, after the Vyanns disappear with Gem, but before we next see Kirk, Spock and McCoy on the bridge. A Doctor's Tale, Part I. 06/16/01 Tags: mccoy Category: The Original Series By: Shane L. Bartell. Here is the first part of a two part story I wrote about a young Dr. McCoy shortly after the death of his father, and before the break up of his marriage based.

Also, the McCoy exists as a counterpart to The Spock.If they are the moral center of the team in general too, then they are The Heart as well. Likely to be the Red Oni in a Red Oni, Blue Oni combination. Closely related to the McCoy are Hot-Blooded and Agent Mulder.Probably sides with the Romanticists in Romanticism Versus Enlightenment.. The McCoy is Honor Before Reason personified, and may. McCoy: Spock, ich hab' die Erfahrung gemacht, dass meistens das Böse gewinnt-- und dieser Cpt. Tracey ist ein ganz ausgefuchster Bursche! (# 54 The Omega Glory) Scotty: Wir geh'n ja doch alle drauf! (#69 That which survives) Kirk: Das ganze hängt mir zum Hals heraus! (#36 Wolf in the fold) Kirks pathetische Worte Es ist Zeit, dass Sie lernen, dasss einem die Freiheit nicht geschenkt. Star Trek fan fiction fanfiction fanzine fanzines TOS original series fanfic Enterprise Excelsior Enterprise-B NCC-1701 NX-2000 NCC-2000 NCC-1701-A NCC-1701-B Kirk Spock McCoy Scott Scotty Chapel Sulu Chekov Uhura Rand Klingon Romulan Orion Tholian Kzinti Organian Vulcan Caitian Edoan Andorian Tellarite K/S Classic Trek Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek: The Animated Series Star Trek.

What is Shpock? Shpock is a marketplace and classifieds platform that brings millions of private buyers and sellers across the United Kingdom together - London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester and Liverpool are amongst the most active areas for second hand shopping Deutsche Sammelausgaben. Der unwirkliche McCoy / Strafplanet Tantalus / Spock läuft Amok. Goldmann-Taschenbuch #23659, 1992, ISBN 3-442-23659-2 (Sammelausgabe von 1-3). Das Paradies-Syndrom / Der Doppelgänger / Rückkehr zum Morgen. Übersetzt von Hans Maeter, Rosemarie Hammer, Mechtild Sandberg-Ciletti und Hermann Urbanek

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A link to an external website Spock/McCoy Fanfiction submitted by a fan of Mr. Spock. by K.V. Wylie (5545030 Spock's first Christmas was spent on Earth with his father and maternal grandparents, Alfred and Nellie Grayson, in 2239. (A Family Holiday Secret) Spock's second bondmate was a Vulcan woman named T'Liba. In 2384, Spock helped care for Leonard McCoy, who was dying from an incurable viral lung ailment at his home in ShiKahr. (Until the End of. Star Trek (auch Star Trek - Die Zukunft hat begonnen) ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film aus dem Jahr 2009. Es ist der elfte Kinofilm, der auf der Science-Fiction-Serie Raumschiff Enterprise von Gene Roddenberry basiert. Am 7. April 2009 feierte der Film seine offizielle Premiere in Sydney.. Der Film ist ein Reboot der bisherigen Star-Trek-Werke, wofür Regisseur J. J. Abrams. Kirk/Spock/McCoy. When are three not three? Apollo Physician: NC-17, 220 KB, Kirk/McCoy PreTOS from McCoy's POV. 2004. Not Far From the Tree:NC17+BDSM, 29KB, m/m for the Khanfest. S&M torture. Penetrance: NC-17, 32 KB, Spock/Sarek father and son have something in common Reunification:NC-17, 34 KB, Sarek/m slash rama with Mark Lenard's three. Spock is a Vulcan. Seemingly heartless but logical. He would have no reason it fall in love...then you came. (This book is not One-shots or imagines. It is an actual story. If you do not like long heartfelt stories, I suggest you pick something else. I hate when people get bored with my books ) (P.s check out my second Star Trek book, Heart Ache (McCoy x Ready), still in progress!

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Spock erwähnt in TOS: Falsche Paradiese, dass sein anderer Name für Menschen unaussprechbar wäre. In der deutschen Synchronfassung wurde daraus sein Vorname . Tatsächlich gibt es jedoch keinerlei Hinweis, dass Vulkanier zwei Namen im Sinne von Vor- und Nachname haben, es scheint eher so, dass sie sich speziell für den Umgang mit anderen Spezies Namen wählen, die auch für sie. Besatzung: Kirk, Spock, McCoy (Pille), Uhura, Sulu, Chekov und Scott (Scotty) Der 7. Film ist eine Art Übergang, zu der Serie Raumschiff Enterprise: Das nächste Jahrhundert (unter dem Kommando von Captain Jean-Luc Picard). Diese Serie spielt im 24. Jahrhundert, etwa 100 Jahre nach der 1. Serie. Die Filme 8 bis 10 basieren auf dieser Serie. Besatzung: Picard, Riker, Data, La Forge, Worf, Troi. On his wedding day, McCoy gives Jim some interesting news, to say the least. rn. This series will follow Jim and Spock along their wild ride. Parent Series: None Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy Crossover Fandom: None Genres: Kirk/Spock Slash Other Languages: None Specific movie: None Story Type: Established Relationship, MPREG, Romance Trope (OPTIONAL): Bottom Kirk Universe: Abrams. Spock a Star Trek egyik leghíresebb karaktere, akit Leonard Nimoy alakít. Spock az Enterprise csillaghajó első tisztje és tudományos tisztje, James T. Kirk kapitány közeli barátja.. Spock a Vulcan bolygó egyik legbefolyásosabb politikusának, Sarek nagykövetnek, és földi feleségének, Amanda Graysonnak fia. Bár Spock vulkáninak tekinti magát, és a vulkáni életmódot. Katra McCoy is a version of McCoy from the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Contents. 1 Advancement; 2 Away Team Skills; 3 Ship Ability and Bonuses; 4 Notes; 5 Quotes; 6 See Also Advancement. These items are required by Katra McCoy in order to advance through groups of levels. Equip Rank Equipment 1 Equipment 2 Equipment 3 Equipment 4 0 1: Civilian Diplomatic Clothing: 2: Psychology.

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